Whiskey and War Stories

War Stories

Please join us for an evening of inspirational conversations told through a Whiskey and War Stories with Scott Neil, co-founder of Horse Soldier Bourbon and retired Green Beret. Neil was part of small teams Green Berets that were sent into Afghanistan following 9/11. Hear about the incredible true story that was retold in the movie, 12 Strong and in the documentary, Legion of Brothers, and learn details about Rise, a monument that is being built in the Warehouse Arts District to honor the events of 9/11. Rise will feature one of the last pieces of World Trade Center steel recovered from ground zero. Please join us.

10 thoughts on “Whiskey and War Stories”

  1. Hi, Scott and I just RSVPd but we don’t know what the tickets cost and what is the dress code please.
    Thank you!
    Dee Charlton

  2. This is a second request to RSVP for two.
    Will we be able to purchase or taste the whiskey?
    Is there an admission fee or donation minimum?

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